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10 Delicious-Looking Dishes to Eat and Ogle

It Was a Good Month for Venison Racks, Waffles and Truffle Ravioli

By Kevin Gray ·
None 10 Photos 10 Delicious-Looking Dishes to Eat and Ogle
Welcome back. We trust you holidayed to your fullest potential.

And while we’re inclined to look forward as we begin this new year, it’s important to remember where we came from. Especially if where we came from included steamed dumplings, whole ducks and waffles beautiful enough to bring a grown man to tears. Or at least to the table.

So enclosed: 10 of the most delicious-looking dishes to grace our plates and our screens over the past month.

Let us never forget.
Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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