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By Geoff Rynex ·
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What in the name of paintings of John Turturro as a Roman emperor is going on?

It’s almost as if the silver couch has taken over and installed an ostrich meatball regime.

Let’s just watch some comedy.

This hallucination brought to you by Salzy, a cocktail bar that also functions as a home for all sorts of entertainment and comes stocked with all the weird things mentioned above. It’s open now in Park Slope.

A comedian by the name of Jennifer Salzman is responsible for this, hence the name. She apparently imagined a place where things you laugh at, live music, burlesque and happy hour yoga can live in harmony on a stage in the back of a bar. She imagined it well (take a look around).

Begin at the bar, with a helping of ostrich meatballs and perhaps a Frothy Bitch. That’s a cocktail of bourbon, Cointreau, ginger and egg white. The Turturro painting we referenced earlier should make itself obvious to you. It was given as a barwarming gift by a neighbor, which serves as a reminder to all of us that we ought to get to know our neighbors better.

After bar time, move, in a slow-motion, head-on shot, through a soundproof curtain and take a seat somewhere. Our pick would be that silver couch.

And that about covers it.

Bonus: get a look at Salzy in action right here.
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