Daddy’s Girl

You’ll Have to Jump Through Some Hoops for Daddy’s Girl

But It’ll Be Worth It

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Nine simple rules for getting into Daddy’s Girl, the new underground cocktail bar beneath Union Fare, which is opening tonight:

1. Don’t try to walk in. It’s not going to happen.

2. Call Union Fare and tell them you want to go to Daddy’s Girl. You’ll receive an email address to request a reservation through the concierge.

3. Email that concierge.

4. Upon reply, answer questions about how you heard about the place, how you make your living, who you’d like to bring and other such mildly interesting questions required for a cocktail bar.

5. Wait with bated breath to see whether your request has been approved. If so, move on to Rule 6. If not... eh, we believe in you.

6. Arrive on the big night and head immediately downstairs to the Union Fare bathrooms. Sexy, right?

7. Walk through the unmarked door next to the communal sinks.

8. Proceed through the next door. You’ll know it by its ornate gold handle.

9. Rub your eyes and adjust to your new Daddy’s Girl surroundings.

Six things that will happen once through that gauntlet:

1. What amounts to a really nice basement, complete with tufted-leather seating, sexy art and an Insta-bait neon “Daddy’s Girl” sign (see all that here).

2. Cocktails from a team of spirit pourers from Distilled. For instance... the Lil’ Homie, a drink of tequila, pineapple-vanilla cordial and aquafaba (see that and more drinks here).

3. Bottle service. (Hell, you already did the whole email-screening thing. Why not?)

4. A complete lack of food. Which suggests, along with the neon, a “come to party” ethos.

5. DJs spinning classic hip-hop and rock during the traditional Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening times. Coincidentally, those are the only nights it’s open.

6. People beaming with pride at having navigated their way in here/dates sitting next to them with faces ranging from apathetic to impressed.

Fingers crossed for impressed.
Geoff Rynex

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