Banditos Tacos & Tequila

A Postgame Taco and Tequila Wonderland

Because Every Stadium Needs Tacos Next Door

By Garrett Snyder ·
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Okay, so the LA Rams’ first season back, like so many other things, isn’t turning out quite as planned.

But there are bright spots on the horizon.

Build-your-own margaritas.

Smoked-brisket tacos.

Giant plasma TVs.

Follow the blinking neon lights to Banditos Tacos & Tequila, a slick south-of-the-border sports bar from the crew behind Sandbox situated less than a field goal kick away from the Coliseum. It’s opening next Friday.

You’ll find it inside a brick warehouse with big roll-up windows, a dozen 60-inch screens and more than 40 different tequilas. Oh, and weekend brunch with breakfast burritos. Right this way for a little slideshow and menu action.

Maybe you’ll huddle up postgame in the luchador-themed private back room—equipped with more TVs, naturally—along with some mezcal shots and a cucumber-mint number known as the True Mexican. Maybe you’ll skip the stadium concession stand and opt for something more interesting: crispy fish tacos, braised-chicken tacos, guacamole and, yes, more tacos, these ones with hoisin pork and kimchi. Not a bad game plan.

At this point, the score doesn’t seem so important. Just saying.
Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder is based in Los Angeles. He enjoys vintage tiki bars, charcuterie platters and any movie in which Steve McQueen does his own stunts.

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