In Reel Life: How to Get Robert Redford’s Style from The Natural

Fall Classics Just in Time for the Fall Classic

By Najib Benouar ·
They don’t call the World Series “the Fall Classic” for nothing.

For one thing, it starts today, smack-dab in the heart of fall.

For another, it’s pretty darn classic—especially when it involves two cornerstone franchises that haven’t seen the winning end of a championship in a combined 176 years.

Some more things they call fall classics: chunky shawl-collar cardigans, newsboy caps, corduroy pants and Robert Redford. All of which star in The Natural, a goldmine for style-meets-baseball inspiration. Which is why we rounded up the modern-day equivalents of Redford’s getup in the shot above to get you dressed for this very specific time of year.

The Cardigan: Ralph Lauren RRL

The Newsboy Cap: Lock & Co. Hatters

The Cords: Gant Rugger

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