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It’s Called the Cannibal Liquor House, and It’s for Oysters and Mint-Tequila Beverages

By Ilana Dadras ·
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A coupe filled with Navy-strength gin and burnt lemon.

A provolone-and-shishito-topped burger.

You, smiling wildly, flicking your napkin open before placing it tenderly on your lap.

This not-far-off future scenario brought to you by the Cannibal Liquor House, a cocktail-focused bar right next door to the Cannibal Beer & Butcher (why, yes, they’re related). It’s now open in Murray Hill.

We imagine you’ll come in post-work and sit at the bar up front for some well-deserved refreshments. That’s where the vibe is set by minimalist tables and chairs, light-green walls and ample shrubbery. You may also note the numerous Pee-wee Hermans on the wall. Those are there.

First off, you’ll want to request some cacio pepe chips with parmesan cream. Because they have those, and those sound magnificent. They’ve also got Reuben spring rolls, rib steaks, oysters and chicken wings. So, bar food, but really good bar food.

The kind that goes just shockingly well with cocktails. They’ve got a single drink for every major liquor group, which lays your options out quite clearly. For tequila, there’s the Sotol Swizzle (sotol, aperitivo, quince liqueur, mint). For scotch, there’s the Truffle Shuffle (scotch, chestnut honey, lemon). For the rest, go check it out for yourself.

And as visual evidence that the place really exists, here’s your slideshow.
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The Cannibal Liquor House
111 E 29th St
(between Lexington and Park)
New York, NY, 10016


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