Paris 6

24 Hours of Croques and Cocktails in Miami Beach

The Curious Case of a 24-Hour French Bistro That Hails from Brazil and Never Closes

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones
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You’ve got 24 hours in Paris. What do you do?

If you answered “Eat everything,” well... here’s a place that’s after your own heart.

Say oui to Paris 6, a new French bistro by way of Brazil that pretty much never closes, soft-open now and officially opening Friday in Miami Beach. Have a look around.

Yes, you could technically spend a full 24 hours here. And should you ever decide to entertain that somewhat horrifying notion, here’s what it might look like:

9am: Order the croque monsieur and a cup of coffee amid damask-covered walls, chandeliers and paintings by Brazilian artist Flavio Rossi. Note the uncanny likeness to scenes from Midnight in Paris. Moving on.

1:30pm: It’s time for octopus sautéed in olive oil and garlic. And maybe a beer. Definitely a beer.

8pm: If you’re flying solo, grab a stool at the ornate green bar and go with something classic and bourbon-y. If a date is involved, the corner of the tufted red banquette is a strategic call. So is a bottle of wine from the cellar and the Risotto au Ragout d’Osso Buco au Safran Hommage a Nelson Freitas. Just... focus on the risotto and osso buco.

4am: See 9am.

You’re on your own for those other hours.

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones finds unhyphenated names quaint. She believes that croquetas and gin cocktails are suitable precursors to running and hoisting heavy weights over one’s head.

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