A Sexy New Club from the Quality People

It’s About Damn Time There Was Somewhere New to Dance

By Geoff Rynex ·
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As the bard Huey Lewis, and his cohorts, the News, once quipped, “It’s hip to be square.”

So imagine just how hip it is to be Squares, a new club (been a while) from the Quality people for dancing and lounging that’s made primarily of that very equilateral shape. It opens tonight in the old Riff Raff's space and looks like the classiest NES game you’ve ever seen.

If that “Quality people” part tripped you up a bit, let’s clarify: the team responsible for Quality Meats, Eats and Italian has gone into the nightlife business in sexy fashion. Regarding the whole “square” theme: they’re just everywhere. Even the food is square. There are 25,000 tiles’ worth of mosaic in here. So there’s that explanation.

Your experience here could contain any of the following:

—Cucumber-infused Moscow Mules in Lego cups.
—Toasted gorgonzola ravioli and truffles.
—Squared deviled eggs.
—Skilled rhythmic gyration to either live music (house instruments are on the stage) or name-brand DJs.
—A multi-person cocktail concoction that entails a bottle of champagne inverted into an apparatus filled with champagne ice cubes, bitters and citrus.

And if it’s an especially good experience, all of those. So ready yourself for merriment, bring some friends and craft a believable sick-day excuse for tomorrow.

Enough from us. Take a look at the photos.
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