Tools for a Well-Dressed Autumn

Let’s Get Ready to Layer

By Geoff Rynex ·
Can we all agree that fall is the best style season by a country mile? Good. Glad we’re in agreement.

Just the thought of choosing a wale width, slipping on some lace-up boots and layering a chunky cardigan over a henley gives us a (please forgive this) warm feeling.

So that’s why we’re legitimately excited to proffer to you the Fall Style Guide, a collection of sartorial text and photos replete with must-haves, tonal education and inspiration from great fall dressers of yore.

In other words, it’s a guide to fall style.

Geoff Rynex is the only person named Geoff Rynex in the history of mankind. He would rather have the best burger than the best steak, likes hearing bartender stories and spends too much money on clothes.


The Fall Style Guide

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