Things to do for September 14, 2016

These Oktoberfest Parties Require Your Immediate Attention

As Does PQM’s Game-Day Package and the New Bangers & Lace

By Sam Eichner

Happy Weekendfest.

The Allis, Then and Now

The Allis, Then and Now

Then: It was the classy café-cum-cocktail-bar on the ground floor of Soho House.
Now: They’ve expanded to include a loungey upstairs mezzanine space.
Then: You’d mainly come for pre- or post-dinner drinks.
Now: You’ll also come for wood-oven pizzas and sausage-and-porchetta egg sandwiches.
Then: Had a nice run.

Gibsons’ Steak + Sportsman’s Backyard = Good Times

Gibsons’ Steak + Sportsman’s Backyard = Good Times

Tomorrow night, Sportsman’s Club is teaming up with Gibsons to host a backyard cookout. You’ll get a bone-in filet, some shrimp, a toasted-quinoa salad and a pillow cookie (basically, a chocolate chip cookie/brownie mashup). You’ll also receive a well-crafted martini. All for $20. Nothing about this is even remotely un-great.

Your Oktoberfest Calendar Reads as Follows

Your Oktoberfest Calendar Reads as Follows

September 16: You head to Hubbard Inn for Oktoberfest steins and gratis passed appetizers like German sausage and potato pancakes.
September 17: You hit the Dawson, where they’ll have live polka music and a buffet of currywurst, schnitzel sliders and lots else.
September 18–October 3: You drink beer, more or less.

Sep 16, 6-9pm (gratis passed appetizers 6-7pm), $5, Hubbard Inn, 110 W Hubbard St, 312-222-1331, tickets here; Sep 17, 2-5pm, no cover (buffet $25), The Dawson, 730 W Grand Ave, 312-243-8955

Roscoe Village, You Get a Bangers & Lace

Roscoe Village, You Get a Bangers & Lace

If there’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s Bangers & Lace. So it’s with great satisfaction that we bring you tidings of their new Roscoe Village location, featuring some old standbys, plus new stuff like pumpkin-and-squash focaccia and chocolaty mezcal drinks. To reiterate: new stuff.

PQM Is Handling Your Next Tailgate Spread

PQM Is Handling Your Next Tailgate Spread

Matt Forte is gone. So is Robbie Gould. But at least you have Publican Quality Meats. See, said deli is now delivering you immaculate game-day spreads for as many Sundays as you please, populated by things like jalapeño-cheddar brats, harissa-marinated potato salad and warm pretzels. You can also upgrade for Revolution beer. Not that you would.

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