The Late Late Guy and Adrian Grenier Made You a ’70s-Inspired Bar/Lounge/Record Shop

Also, There’s a Champagne Garden

By Ilana Dadras ·
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So, the guy behind the Late Late went ahead and opened a gargantuan ’70s-inspired bar in the East Village with a little help from Adrian Grenier... It’s called the VNYL, and its four floors house a champagne garden, a live music venue and record-size plates of candied-bacon quinoa sushi.

It’s open now in the old Nevada Smiths space. Here’s what else to expect, should you find yourself inside of it.

You’ll enter into the main bar/vinyl emporium, where the vibes feel properly ’70s.
The design was inspired by the Irish band Thin Lizzy, which translates to wooden walls, orange velvet benches, frosted globe lights and a white marble bar. Check it out.

You’ll peruse the record selection. Stop at a listening station. Listen to something.
Grenier hand-selected some Sex Pistols, James Brown, the Kinks... (We’ve got our top 10 right here.)

Then, we suggest climbing the stairs for some milk punch or other liquids.
A bartender will come tableside to mix up whatever you desire. There’s milk punch, gin-cucumber-mint drinks and the Clontarf Ranger (Irish whiskey, stout, blackberry, vanilla, cold-brew reduction and lemon), which sets the new bar for Irish coffee.

You’ll note the menu is particularly on-trend.
Things like candied-bacon quinoa sushi, “Out & In Sliders” (nudge, nudge) and black rice/salmon poke bowls.

Now onward to the third-floor champagne garden.
The walls are lined with palm trees. There’s a macramé swing. There’s champagne. We see a macramé revolution on the horizon.

Or there’s the Black Rose Room: a dark, moody, Gothic-style bar.
That’s where live music will happen monthly.

“But that’s only three floors,” you may be thinking.
Down in the basement, there’s a craft-beer-focused sports bar.

And that’s it.
There’s nothing else. Just that.
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