This Is What Camping in California Is Like Now

It Involves Ziplining Through Wine Country

By Chris LaMorte ·
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Roughing it.

That’s one way to camp.

Not roughing it.

That’s also a way to camp.

We’re going to talk about that latter way today.

Under Canvas California Coastal Adventure is the new encampment from people who are already renowned for bringing dignity to that portmanteau “glamping” with luxury tent trips from Maine to Montana.

Their new trip is centered at the 14,000-acre Santa Margarita Ranch on California’s Central Coast, near San Luis Obispo. So, yes. Wine tastings will be on the itinerary. Also: you’ll tour the ranch via a series of five interconnected ziplines. Which is way better than getting around on a wine train, obviously.

Beyond exploring wine country like Batman, the rest of your days here can be filled with whatever tickles your fancy: campfire cocktails, horseback riding, tented breakfasts, a progressive lunch through Paso Robles featuring local chefs, hiking volcanic mountains and massages. You knew a massage would be involved at this point.

But you’re really here for the tents. (Which you can see here.) Yes, there’s a shower tent with running water, and the bedroom tents are decked out with carpets, bedside lamps, tables, king- or twin-size beds with pillow-top mattresses...

Okay, yeah. “Pillow-top” was probably the key word there.
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