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By Geoff Rynex ·
Welcome to Better Know a Webshop, where we give you the rundown on one of the very many online places there are to buy the things you want to wear.

Shop: Gustin, a label that’s expanded from jeans and footwear to oxfords, tees, chinos, leather goods and outerwear, all produced on a crowdfunded basis.

Home Base: San Francisco.

Our Favorite Labels: Their own.

Best Quality: The cost. Since they don’t make any piece until it’s been funded, they’ve got low overhead, which means your average $200 pair of selvedge jeans (their denim comes from all the mills you’ve heard of) go for about $85 here.

Extras: Everything is very limited-edition, since they stop taking orders after a piece has been funded.

What We Like Now:#75 Okayama Standard

Selvedge Super Heavy High Top

Horween Briefcase – Natural Essex

What We’d Like to See More Of: The limited runs are a double-edged sword, since you might end up missing out if you don’t get in on the funding action in time. We’d like the option to order after the funding period. We’d also like to see some of the pre-washed denim they have on display made available for order. 
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