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By Geoff Rynex ·
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You can go to Havana now, which is pretty awesome.

But that’s a flight and three types of money and the ever-present possibility that you’ll be so enchanted by a life with limited internet that you’ll drop everything and move there.

It’s a whole thing.

For now, dip a toe in the water with BlackTail, a very Cuban cocktail bar on the second floor of Pier A Harbor House, opening Monday from the Dead Rabbit team.

The vibe here is prohibition-to-pre-revolutionary Cuba—a time where Americans could still go and drink rum in a hospitable clime (think the fifth season of Boardwalk Empire through The Godfather Part II). As far as sitting options, you’ve got a bunch of palm-lined two-tops and banquettes, a lounge area with some tufted-leather sofas, and a piano bench, though that’ll twice weekly be occupied by someone hired to play jazz or Cuban tunes.

Our call though would be to belly up to the bar, behind which there’s a pretty stunning mural of Columbus (see that in the slideshow), along with some fairly deft cocktail makers.

The drinks of course will be meticulous, given the lineage. The menu is divided into highballs, punches, sours, old-fashioneds and cocktails (read: “other”), and you can expect everything to be an “interpretation” of an older beverage. You know the type.

This is an environment you want to stay in for several hours, so you’ll need food too. On that score, check out their Cubano riff, which is comprised of confit rabbit leg, rosemary ham, roasted pork shoulder, Swiss tomme, dill pickles and mustard. Oysters and full caviar service are also available.

Like we said, several hours. 
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at Pier A Harbor House
22 Battery Pl, 2nd Fl
New York, NY, 10004


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