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If You Like Queso Fundido and Mezcal

Here’s Casa Neta

By Geoff Rynex ·
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We don’t usually disclose this kind of information, but odds are, you’re going to find us here tonight.

Because we happen to be big fans of stretchy queso fundido and mezcal, and this place is right around the corner.

It’s Casa Neta, the latest thing to make Flatiron worthy, in the form of a mezcal-heavy bar. It’s from the Harding’s folk, and it opens fully tonight.

Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Well, there’s the capaciousness of it.
Seen here and full of things you like—leather armchairs; a downstairs lounge called Sugar Skull Room, which resembles a dungeon. And who’s going to turn down a dungeon?

They’re adequately stocked.
120-plus agave-based spirits, which, as bullshit legend has it, cause no hangover at all.

Such spirits mix well with other things.
Examples include but are not limited to margaritas (shocking), and a cocktail called Lo Siento (which, if my Spanish holds, means “Sorry,” and includes mezcal, sherry, Campari, banana liqueur and rhubarb bitters, and is sure to not be light). They’ve also got beer cocktails, which is appreciated, and a wine list, which you’ll judge anyone for using.

You need to see a picture of this queso fundido being loaded onto a tortilla by a disembodied hand.
You won’t regret this click, which also includes many comely tacos, a churro bowl, a cocktail in a coconut glass and so much more.

Other foods offered are...
Short rib tacos with poblano rajas, manchego and avocado-tomatillo crema; ceviche; and something called “tortilla chips.”

There’s a churro counter with a takeout window.
Have any two words ever come together so beautifully as “churro counter.”

In addition, there is what’s called “the menu.”
Look at it for further information on available consumables here.

Feel free to start tapping shoulders until you find us. You know we have a soft spot for you.
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