Things to do for August 03, 2016

This Weekend, Let’s Figure Out How to Get Beyoncé into Goodfellas

Here’s the Weekender, with Thoughts on Gender-Swapping Remakes, ’90s MTV and Rare Liquor

By Ilana Dadras

What do you mean, the weekend’s funny?

We’ll Judge Suicide Squad for Ourselves, Thanks

We’ll Judge <em>Suicide Squad</em> for Ourselves, Thanks

This weekend, you’ll find us judging Leto’s Joker, checking out a Sundance-winning short named after a Springsteen song and watching Redman and DJ Khaled eat hot wings with Sean Evans. Oh, and learning to appreciate France’s song of the summer...

Nirvana, Beavis and Butt-Head, Punk’d... You Know, the Classics

Nirvana, <em>Beavis and Butt-Head</em>, <em>Punk’d</em>... You Know, the Classics

This week marked the launch of MTV Classic, a new channel dedicated to re-airing the best old-school MTV shows like Punk’d, Beavis and Butt-Head and Pimp My Ride. This called for a primer, as a refresher of sorts. Fancy seeing you again, Xzibit.

It’s a Good Time to Want New Things

It’s a Good Time to Want New Things

Billy Reid: Polos and henleys and button-downs are up to 70% off.
La Garçonne: Has got Comme des Garçons and Band of Outsiders and other such handsomeness at up to 60% off.
Mohawk: Will do 20% off sale stuff with code FINAL20.
Killspencer: Sign up for their newsletter (here) before midnight PT tonight, and you’ll get a code for their one-day sale tomorrow. That easy.

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