Quantum Leap

GPS in Your Sneakers

You've got your iPod, your microfiber t-shirt and a brand new bottle of designer water. Suddenly your kicks look pretty low-tech.

Forget arch support. What you need is some microchip action.

Fresh from L.A. Fashion Week (the world leader in satellite/shoe technology), Fele Footwear brings us the first running shoe with built-in GPS. Designer Isaac Daniel calls it Quantum Satellite Technology. We don't know what that means, but it sounds like something out of a black ops program, so we're down.

The sneaker enables something called the Covert Alarm Locater Apparatus, which notifies the authorities via QST if you trigger a button. So when the Colombians finally catch up to you, just press the button where the Nike logo used to be, and headquarters will know where to send the commandos. An embedded microphone and speaker can sync up with Bluetooth, so that you can literally use your shoe as a phone (your dream has just come true). You can also get the location of the shoes from a 24-hour monitoring, depending on who you can get into the shoes, you can finally find out where your woman/arch-rival/boss goes on Friday nights.

It was about time satellites did something useful.


Isaac Daniel Men's Running Shoe

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