The Nine Best Things We’ve Seen This Week

A Retrospective of June 25–July 1

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Much of our job revolves around staring at computer screens, finding things that have made our lives better and will do the same for you. We care that much. Here are this week’s findings...

@saraunderwood continued her tour of America’s natural wonders.

Buck Mason Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt—wherever you are right now, chances are you’d be comfortable in this.

You Know Nothing: Here’s a supercut of pretty much all of Jon Snow’s experiences on Game of Thrones.

@magnumphotos dug up a 1994 photo from Wimbledon. We incorrectly bet on the banana.

A.P.C. Sam Sneakers—dare to Velcro.

Au Naturel: One writer’s journey to rewire his brain by being outside.

@liverano_liverano found a spectacular wall of fabric samples in Florence.

Hender Scheme Summer Jet Hat—handsome and stickball-appropriate.

Wats Love Got to Do with It: Emma Watson’s ringtone, in case you wanted to know, is “Steamy Windows” by Tina Turner.

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