Brexit Shopping

Your Guide to Making the Best of This Thing

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Brexit seems to have had some negative financial consequences. Problems are occurring and may continue to occur. So we’ll admit that this may be a bit insensitive. But we’ll also defend ourselves by saying, hey, we didn’t vote for the motherfucker, and we’re here to talk about menswear, so let’s talk about how we can use the hopefully temporary plummet of the British pound to improve your closet for less than you would have last week.

Here are British online shops to raid before people come to their senses...

Oi Polloi
Labels we like: Beams Plus, Garrett Leight, Universal Works
Get this now: Garrett Leight Van Buren Sunglasses

Labels we like: Buttero, Church’s, Monitaly
Get this now: Nike Mayfly Woven

Labels we like: Ami, Officine Générale, Sunspel
Get this now: Officine Générale White Cotton Collarless Shirt

The Great Divide
Labels we like: Folk, Our Legacy, The Hill-Side
Get this now: Elvine Björkö Jacket

Oliver Spencer
Labels we like: Uh, Oliver Spencer
Get this now: Brookes Jacket Flitwick Indigo

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