Grading the Teachers

Rating Last Week’s Style Advice

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There’s a lot of men’s style advice rattling around the corners of the Internet every week. Some of it ends up gospel for you, some of it you’ve heard a thousand times before, some of it was clearly written to fill a blog quota. Which is why we’re here with Grading the Teachers, your guide to the latest advice from the menswear world.

How to Be the Best-Dressed Guy on the Golf CourseEsquire
What it is: A three-tiered wardrobe guide based on skill level.
When you’ll use it: On the golf course.
Best line: “Oh, and when it comes to clubs, remember: You should go to a reputable shop to get fitted, just like you would with a suit. In golf as in style, it’s all about finding the right fit.”
Rating: 8. There’s good stuff in here, but some of the clothes seemed a bit too sporty-tech for such a traditional sport.

10 Style Lessons from Pitti Uomo 90FashionBeans
What it is: A street-style-centric guide to peacocking.
When you’ll use it: At Pitti Uomo, or anywhere bare ankles are encouraged.
Best line: “Not all peacocking is a pisstake.”
Rating: 7. It’s always nice to get inspiration from the cream of the menswear crop, but a lot of these moves are well-trodden or overly affected.

Five Common Swimsuit Mistakes, and How to Avoid ThemGQ
What it is: A guide on finding the swimsuit sweet spot, which doesn’t necessarily mean going full-on short-shorts.
When you’ll use it: In or around a body of water.
Best line: “You can do the roomy look, just as long as it’s still clear you have legs.”
Rating: 6. Aside from reiterating the age-old adage “fit is king,” there’s not much to figure out here.

What to Wear to the Henley RegattaMr Porter: The Daily
What it is: A guide to dressing for an “indefatigably, idiosyncratically British” boating event.
When you’ll use it: At an “indefatigably, idiosyncratically British” boating event, like the Henley Regatta.
Best line: “Welcome to the most genteel fixture in the sporting calendar, as famous for its Fortnum & Mason picnic hampers and strict dress codes—enforced vigorously by its style stewards—as for its boats, sculls and coxswains.”
Rating: 10. Sounds like they know what they’re talking about.

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