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This Is a Marshmallow Crossbow...

And It Fires Soft, Delicious Projectiles Up to 60 Feet

This new Marshmallow Crossbow from the Litchfield people is how you’ll experience the unbridled joy that can only be obtained by pummeling another human being with a full-size marshmallow from up to 60 feet away. Don’t deprive yourself of that.

The thing itself is made from a solid piece of Douglas fir, plus an aluminum crosspiece and a black walnut trigger. So it’s sleek, handsome and comfortable to grip, and when you’re not engaged in soft, pillowy firefights, it looks great just sitting there on a shelf. Yep, that checks all the boxes on your rigorous crossbow-buying wish list.

Now, a few times this contraption might prove useful:

—Camping diversions.
—Garnishing hot chocolate from across the room.
Game of Thrones reenactments.
—Feeding hungry onlookers.
—Office warfare.

Because you should never bring a marshmallow slingshot to a marshmallow crossbow fight.


Marshmallow Crossbow

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