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Just a Nice Book About Fries

Let’s Take an Extremely Deep Dive into Fried Potatoes

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Up until now, you’ve had a pretty basic relationship with fries.

Eaten your fair share. Dunked them in various tomato-based sauces.

Maybe topped them with a truffle or two.

And up until now, that’s sufficed.

Then we point you toward a 144-page book detailing their history, recipes and pairing potential, and suddenly you need to reconsider everything...

It’s called Fries, and it’s a deeper dive than you’d ever thought you’d take into the world of fried potatoes, drool-inducing photos and all. It’s available now.

“Who would compile such a thing,” you might be thinking. Well, someone who was born in potato country, who founded a fry company and whose fries were recently voted the best in America. “That makes a lot of sense,” you might be thinking. Inside, you’ll find:

—The very real philosophy behind why fries make you happy.

Those photos again, as further proof.

—How to make the things yourself, whether you prefer those of the frozen, classical or Belgian variety.

—A three-page fry-making algorithm.

—What fries are called in China, Russia, Denmark and other countries.

—A scene from Pulp Fiction that happens to mention fry toppings.

So it’s relatively thorough.

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