A Beastie Boy Designed Your Next Bag

He Did It with a Professional

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
“Brass monkey, that funky monkey. Brass monkey, junkie, that funky monkey.” —Mike D in 1987

“I make handsome bags now.” —Mike D in 2016

This historical comparison brought to you by Mike D. x Clare V., a collection of T-shirts, watches and things that hold other, smaller things, born of a collaboration between a real live Beastie Boy and Clare Vivier.

If we had to pick three products of this holy union for you to pick up, they’d be the Tomas canvas tote, for weekending, the La Chambre Verte tee, for wearing, and the army nylon and black watch, which was made with Nixon’s help as well.

That’s for telling time with.

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