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The World’s Finest Swim-Up Bars

All the Partially Submerged Drinking Spots You Require This Summer

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 9 Photos The World’s Finest Swim-Up Bars
Picture you:

Hot summer sun beating down.

Mai-tai-containing pineapple in your hand.

The lower half of your body submerged in a cool body of water.

See how that last part just sort of brings it all home? Yeah. Wouldn’t be the same without that last part.

So let us contemplate the refreshing and aesthetically pleasing beauty of the swim-up bar in this slideshow of those very same things. There’s a tiki hut in French Polynesia. A geothermal spa in an Icelandic lava field. And you know an ocean-facing spot in Hawaii made the cut.

We’ve subtly titled it the World’s Finest Swim-Up Bars.

And that seems pretty accurate.

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