Tap 42 Coral Gables

The Gables’ Great New Beer Bar

Tap 42 Heads South. More Burgers and More Beer Ensue.

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Sometimes you simply don’t have any say in a matter.

Like going to the Gables for beers tonight.

It’s just... going to happen.

You’ve got the much-closer-to-home-than-Fort-Lauderdale Tap 42 Coral Gables to thank for that. It’s a patio-equipped watering hole with lots of beer and lots of beer-friendly food, it’s open now, and it looks exactly like this.

Or let’s say you find yourself in the Gables after a long, beer-free day. That’s clearly a situation that needs an immediate remedy. So you head over to this industrial-looking affair with wood paneling, massive garage doors that roll up to an outdoor patio and a big circular bar with 42 beer taps behind it. Plus a few cocktails on tap for good measure.

Now, you’re probably going to need some bacon-and-sweet-corn guacamole and a lamb burger with whipped goat cheese. Or anything from this menu, really. It’s the kind of stuff that serves as nice, fluffy cushion for pints of J. Wakefield’s Hop for Teacher or a special collaboration brew with Funky Buddha called 42 Truths. (Speaking of, here’s the beer list.)

As for the entertainment, there’s a wooden DJ booth with turntables fastened to the wall behind it. That’s mostly used during brunch and the occasional late-night session.

We’ll assume you’re familiar.


Tap 42 Coral Gables
301 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, FL, 33134


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