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Grilling Steaks in a Glorified Toaster Oven

A Portable Broiler That Reaches 1,700 Degrees in Just Three Minutes

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Steak is great.

There’s just no getting around it.

But cooking one to a perfectly seared medium rare, and then repeating that every single time, well... There are easier things to do in this world.

Because your average grill heats too unevenly. And your average frying pan doesn’t get hot enough.

So your first order of business: stop using average stuff.

But even better: obtain something called Otto’s O.F.B. See, this oven-fired broiler looks like a toaster oven, and it kind of is. Except that it’s less for heating up Lean Pockets and more for cooking meat at a uniformly high temperature—up to a tropical 1,700 degrees in just three minutes—to create a good crust, lock in flavor and reduce the amount of time from start to dinner.

This thing comes from Germany. That should surprise no one. And it’s only 17 inches wide, so store the diminutive contraption on your kitchen counter, set it poolside or buckle it snugly into your passenger seat and take it to tailgates.

It’s powered by liquid propane and top-fired infrared gas burners that produce radiant heat, which provides a more consistent temperature than your typical convection heat devices. And all that means you can grill up some steaks in about two minutes, which is about how long it’ll take you to open a beer, take a sip and think to yourself, “Wow, that’s quick.”

Or some other equally poignant insight.

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