Jia Lounge

Somewhere Inside the Hotel on Rivington...

Dim Lights, Champagne Cocktails, Good-Looking Everything

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Ah, you’re here.

Please, do step inside.

Past an unmarked door, through the textured and mirrored corridor, under a velvet curtain...

And into the spot you’ll know henceforth as Jia Lounge, a dim, sexy place for champagne, dancing and general debauchery that’s tucked inside the Hotel on Rivington. It’s open now.

You may have heard some buzzing about this place. Rumors. Whispers. Sighs in the night. Well, here’s where you get your full look at it. Right here, in this slideshow.

And here are the things you can learn with words:

Some significant names are involved.
One of the founders is behind Provocateur and Beautique; another is partly to thank for Beaumarchais. So you know it’ll be filled with the tall, staggeringly beautiful Gigi Hadids of the city.

If the space feels like a 1930s Shanghai, it’s meant to. If it feels like you’re staring at your grandmother’s couch while on a mild psychedelic, that’s a less intended but also accurately described impression.
Floral patterns on the walls, couches and lamps; dim light from heavy, fringed lampshades. That sort of thing.

Dancing happens in the back. For the most part.
Under that disco ball and near the vintage-stereo-lined DJ booth.

The East Meets West (vodka, Cointreau, lychee juice) or the Young Companion (gin, cucumber juice, mint leaves, Creole bitters) or one of the many prosecco cocktails.

“Many” being the ideal number of those.


Jia Lounge
at the Hotel on Rivington
105 Rivington St
(between Essex and Ludlow)
New York, NY, 10002


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