This Place Has the Best Kind of Identity Crisis

A Little Bit Japanese. A Little Bit Peruvian. All Good.

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“Sashimi guacamole.”

“Sashimi guacamole.”

“Sashimi guacamole.”

There, you said it three times. That means it gets to come true now.

At Sokai, a Japanese/Peruvian mashup with a few peculiar yet magnificent ideas about how your guac and pizza should be consumed, now open just outside of Doral. Here’s the slideshow and this is the menu.

The chef has logged some time under the likes of Daniel Boulud and José Andrés. You may also remember him from the Dome. And now, he’s put all of that know-how together in a neat little seafood-happy package for you. Nice guy.

It’s all concrete floors, exposed brick and street art in there. So, not really a strong Japanese aesthetic, but... not really Peruvian either. The menu kind of plays with both, though, which is all you really care about. Sashimi guacamole. Tuna pizza liberally adorned with truffle oil. Octopus-topped tiraditos in an aji amarillo sauce.

Pop in before a big night out. Slide into one of the banquettes and order a round of sake. Fuel up with the kinds of things that won’t get in the way of you and the dance floor later on.

Take more sake, for example.

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