Barok Café

An Under-the-Radar French Spot Just Happened

Croques, Steaks and Wine Where You’d Least Expect Such Things

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Some dates require a certain amount of... discretion.

For those times, you may need a place. A quiet one.


Out of the way.

And if it happens to have a killer croque madame: bonus.

Look twice before stepping into Barok Café, a fetching little French bistro for getting to know someone a little better. It’s open now in North Miami, here’s the slideshow, and here’s the menu.

As you may have gathered, this place lends itself well to drinks for two at the stone-lined bar. Or for a casual morning-after brunch where running into everyone you know isn’t high on the priority list.

It’s tucked into a quiet little strip mall in North Miami, see. And that’s where the deception begins. Inside: all French charm. Chandeliers, white linen, glass and stone. Also, a chef who hails from Nice and has an affinity for adding an extra egg or two to her croque madames.

But maybe you came for the wine. And the oven-roasted camembert and bavette sauce au bleu that accompanies it. That’s French for “hanger steak topped with blue cheese and homemade fries.”



Barok Café
12953 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL, 33181


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