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Imprint Is Like Shopping an Entirely New Webshop Every Week

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You can buy everything online these days.

Which is great. And not so great.

Because everything is a lot of things and sometimes you just want a few very specific, very handsome things.

That’s where the newly launched site/app Imprint comes into play.

Let’s say you’ve got a flight and you want a pair of pants that are as stylish as they are comfortable (that would be this pair from Zanerobe), a soft oxford cloth button-down (like this from Apolis) and an ultralight bomber jacket (see: Wolf & Man). In the past, that would’ve required multiple browser windows and entries of expiration dates. Now all that stuff is in one place: Vol. 3.4.

And if you’re shopping in the app, your new wardrobe is only a tap away. Also only a tap away: some great style advice from Imprint’s head honcho himself, through the app’s style concierge. Then, next week, a whole new collection of stylish gear focused on a single pursuit will be ready for your perusal.

Whether or not they’ll build a collection around your love for bird-watching remains to be seen.

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