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Tapping Honey at Home. Because You Can. And Dammit, You Should.

A Personal Draft System for On-Demand Honey

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Think about the last time you stopped what you were doing and thanked a honeybee.


Okay, but maybe you should.

Because bees pollinate some of our favorite foods and flowers and keep our ecosystem in check.

And, more to our point, their honey’s on draft now.

See, Flow Hive is a new contraption from some Australian beekeepers that allows for easy extraction of honey from beehives, thereby resulting in on-demand honey whenever the mood strikes. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s available online now.

Used to be, when you wanted to harvest honey, you had to break open the hive, agitate the bees, risk getting stung and generally work really hard. But now, you just employ this thing—a cedar box turned hive that contains manufactured honeycomb cells. The bees do their thing, you turn the tap, and honey drips down into a bottom chamber and flows out a hose into your awaiting receptacle of choice. Bucket, jar, piece of toast... whatever you’ve got on hand.

It’s quite a process upgrade, if you’re a beekeeper. And since you’re probably not, well, it’s still a fun means of increasing your honey intake. Otherwise, what are you supposed to do, just buy it at the store?

Oh, right...

But looking past that, on the very same website, you can legitimize your burgeoning honey empire by procuring one of those white beekeeper suits with the mesh mask.

Halloween will be here before you know it.

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