Two New Places from the Pubbelly Guys

Many Tapas and Much Gin on a Downtown Rooftop

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None 7 Photos PB Station and Pawn Broker
... And then the Pubbelly guys crossed the causeway and gave you PB Station and Pawn Broker, the former being a polished small-plates enclave, while the latter has grandiose plans for becoming your new go-to rooftop drinkery.

Both are now open in the Langford Hotel in Downtown, here are pictures of them, and here’s what an evening within their confines might look like...

8:05pm: You’ll walk into the Langford, stay on the ground floor and head directly to the Grand-Central-station-meets-London-Underground sanctuary known as PB Station (pictured).

8:10pm: Take your seat at one of the banquettes and signal the parade of tapas to begin. Seafood charcuterie with octopus pepperoni and lobster sausage. French onion soup dumplings. Other things on this menu. A drink will sound tempting. You’ll order an FDR with gin, dashi brine and kyuri zuke pickles. But don’t cash in your chips just yet.

10:31pm: Because there’s the not-insignificant matter of Pawn Broker that you need to attend to. Head up to the rooftop and admire the view of our fair city’s skyline.

10:33pm: Okay, that was nice. On to the drinks, which have a classic thing going for them. Like the gin-forward Mother’s Ruin with an absinthe wash.

12:32am: Absinthe. Hotel. In life, there are no coincidences.

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