Watches from Brooklyn and Pants from Haspel by Way of Raleigh

Throne’s Handsome New Wristwear and Seersucker Pants Made for Denim Heads

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
With summer on the horizon, here are a couple things you should be adorning your wrist and legs with...

For Your Wrist: The Williamsburg, Brooklyn, operation Throne produces most of their leather goods and watches in-house. Which seems to be working very well for them—to very handsome effect. Their latest releases are the 1.5 x Brooklyn watches that come equipped with leather or Milanese-style metal mesh straps. They enjoy a good metal mesh in Milan.

For Your Legs: The already-legendary seersucker suit makers Haspel have come together with on-their-way-to-becoming-legendary jeansmiths Raleigh in a union of holy pantrimony. You’ve got Haspel’s 7.5 oz seersucker fashioned into Raleigh’s tried-and-true slant-pocket cut, all produced at the Raleigh Denim Workshop in North Carolina. And they’ll be hitting the webshop just in time for summer.

[Throne and Haspel x Raleigh Denim Workshop]

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