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Damn, This Is a Sexy Cocktail Bar

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Now, America turns its gaze toward New York, as we become the center of the political universe in the run-up to one of the nation’s largest and most important sets of primaries.

And as such, circumstances in said primaries being what they are, we, us, New York, turn our gaze to a bar...

Welcome to Fresh Kills, Williamsburg’s most serious, sexy cocktail spot in quite some time, now open on Grand.

We’ll go out on a limb here and say this is bound to be a destination spot for cocktail heads. Which is a) a good sign for the drinks, and b) not to say it’s not also a great foundation to build a date on.

The menu reads like an AP Cocktail History textbook, with adaptations of Jerry Thomas recipes from 1862 that use South Asian liquors, and calvados drinks served up with a pickled walnut on the side (both of those are seen here).

Naturally, before getting into all that, you have to sit. We recommend grabbing one of the raw-leather two-person booths directly opposite the bar, and having another person—say, that date from paragraph four—sit across from you. In case you were about to ask a server if the leatherwork happens to have been done by one of the partners who’s also a cordwainer, we’ll save you the trouble and tell you it was.

Then commence with the imbibing. You’ll have some basic edibles to work on between drinks. If this is a full-fledged-significant-other outing, go ahead and tear into some jerky together. If it’s a first, go ahead and stick to mixed olives.

It’s your basic bar snack dignity spectrum.

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