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“Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” —Frank, Old School

This old chestnut came to mind this afternoon.

Thanks a lot, Cardiff Giant, the seemingly humble watering hole concealing a borderline-obsessive fixation on local drinkable things, now serving patrons in Clinton Hill.

The fellows who conceived this also conceived Glorietta Baldy and Mission Dolores, so you’re in good hands. It’s the type of place you settle into with plans of visiting a couple more bars, and then just never get around to it (see the whole thing here). The classic Brooklyn bar backyard. The classic Game of Thrones pinball machine. In sum, a delightful place to spend a balmy weeknight or non-weeknight.

And on those nights, you’ll be elbow-bending New York State–made beers, ciders and liquors that you may have never even fathomed, because that’s what they cherish here. You’ve got a Grimm Subliminal Message—a cherry sour red ale that was brewed but one time. You’ve got a Burdett-made bourbon aged in chardonnay casks. In sum, you’ve got things.

Closing time is 4am every night, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get friendly with the tenders and to soak up some closing-time-level knowledge from the stragglers who are prone to knowing suspicious amounts about beer.

God love ’em.

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