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The Eating House Guy Goes to the Grove

Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Date-Night Beauty by the Bay

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Throwing stones in glass houses... probably still not a great idea.

Much better to eat steaks in them instead.

Exhibit A: Glass & Vine, a glass-walled bungalow by the bay for date nights of ribeye and wine, now open in Coconut Grove. Here’s the slideshow and here’s the sample menu.

Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House is responsible for what’s on your plate here. “Here” being the iconic Glass House in Peacock Park. The one that sat shuttered for a while, just pleading for someone to come along and apply a little elbow grease to its floor-to-ceiling windows. To weave a few vines through its roof and to plop a 24-seat bar in the middle of it all. Good news: someone did.

There’s no way around the classic date-night scenario. The soft glow of the pendant lights will set the mood pretty well. But there’s a 28-ounce bone-in ribeye with truffle butter and a bucatini with rock shrimp that’ll help with that sort of thing, too.

And sure, wine would be a good call with all of the above. But so would the Parkside Sour with gin, celery, cucumber and Thai basil. You might even think of it as a spiked salad.

But totally don’t.

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