Things to do for March 23, 2016

The Weekender

A Happy Hour Circus, Meat Loaf Wellington and Chicago’s First Cider Bar

The Weekend automatically advances to the Elite Eight.

First, Moneygun. Now, This.

First, Moneygun. Now, This.

Last week, we investigated a mysterious new bar called Moneygun. This week, we’re leaving it to you to investigate Saint Lou’s Assembly, the cafeteria they just opened next door. It’s a Michelin-starred chef’s Midwestern take on a meat-and-three featuring porchetta confit, meat loaf Wellington and banana-cognac floats. Tough assignment.

There’s a Circus at Your Happy Hour

There’s a Circus at Your Happy Hour

Us: Happy hour is a circus.
You: I know. The bars are all super packed.
Us: No, happy hour is actually a circus. See, there’s this crazy new after-work circus performance tonight at Harris Theater involving drinks and the city’s finest food trucks.
You: Oh, right. That.

Chicago’s First Cider Bar Is Finally Here

Chicago’s First Cider Bar Is Finally Here

Here’s what to expect from the Northman, your new neighborhood cider bar...

About 20: Delicious things to eat, including döner kebabs and chicken-fat confit chicken.
7: Cider-based drinks spiked with anything from bourbon to mezcal.
18: Ciders on draft.
Over 80: Ciders in bottles and cans.
Over 20: Beers.

You’ll get ’em next time, beers.

Rock, Roll and Underground Ping-Pong

Rock, Roll and Underground Ping-Pong

Propaganda is the UK’s biggest club night, which hosts weekly rock-and-roll dance parties in cities around the world. SPiN is Chicago’s underground ping-pong warehouse. Friday is the night when those two things collide, and your mind is blown. Thank you. That is all.

This Easter Egg Hunt Has More Alcohol Than Most

This Easter Egg Hunt Has More Alcohol Than Most

This is just like your standard Easter egg hunt. Except instead of being in somebody’s backyard, it’s in Logan Square. And instead of finding eggs, you’re finding gifts from Lost Lake, Bang Bang Pie and Revolution. Also, Longman & Eagle is handling the refreshments. So there’ll probably be more booze, too.

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