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Unique Cocktail Syrups from a Brooklyn Chef

Let’s Put Some Bird’s Eye Chili in Your Drinks

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
In your continuing quest to make better drinks at home, you could read books, watch how-to videos and turn your kitchen into a boozy little lab.

Or you could just accept some help from this Brooklyn-based chef.

His name’s Alex Sorenson, and he’s lived and worked in places like France, Rwanda and Borneo. Neat. And that’s more than just tangentially related, because his travels inspired Blank Slate Kitchen, this new line of cocktail syrups that he’s now hawking online.

Each is a rich simple syrup, which means twice as much sugar as water. And that means deeper flavors and silkier textures in your drinks. So expect to really like your drinks.

This is what you’re working with:

Black Pepper: The syrup that started it all, and one inspired by a casual jaunt to Zanzibar. This one’s got lots of freshly ground black pepper blended with the warm caramel notes of palm sugar.

Bird’s Eye: Evaporated cane juice sugar is mixed with fresh Thai bird’s eye chili peppers for a bright and spicy kick. Subbing this for agave in a margarita is a fine idea. Getting some on your hands and then touching your eyes is not.

Vanilla: Pretty self-explanatory. Syrup made with vanilla beans. Tastes like real vanilla.

Palm Sugar: Made from the sap of palm trees, this stuff’s packing lots more flavor than white sugar. Caramel and maple come to mind. So try it in a daiquiri. Or on pancakes.

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