Kaori by Walter Martino

Your Dinner Might Get Weird

Edible Gold, Food Vaporizers and 360-Degree Cinematography

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And the award for Strangest Use of a Vaporizer goes to...

... Kaori by Walter Martino. It’s a new spot with edible gold, stilettos filled with tempura and vaporizers that you spray on your Wagyu, and it’s now open in Brickell.

Cue the orchestra. Cut to the slideshow. And... roll the highlight reel.

The chef behind this place cooked for the prince of Dubai.
And a bunch of other big names, when he was a personal chef in Ibiza. Rumor has it he made a dish that the prince paid one million euros for, thereby christening him the “Million Dollar Chef.” Such a way with words, that prince.

There’s trippy visual stuff going on all around you.
That’s thanks to the 360-degree cinematography technology they have projecting around the 12 two-tops and the six-seat chef’s table. Real date-forward thing going on here.

Be on the lookout for handheld vaporizers and edible sprays.
They look like perfume bottles that you’ll be encouraged to spritz on your seafood-studded risotto and the Wagyu beef roll.

Your Old Fashioned will be smoked.
Using cherrywood and a snifter filled with smoke. So, yes, there’ll be drinks.

Some dishes are served in stilettos and purses.
In case you were wondering.

You had to be wondering.


Kaori by Walter Martino
1250 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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