Belle Shoals

A Southern Charmer Lands in Williamsburg

In Williamsburg: Backyard Boozing from the Seamstress Folks

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Oysters + jukebox + mezcal mixed with kale because Pam Wiznitzer decided to do that and she’ll do whatever she pleases behind the bar...

It all adds up to Belle Shoals, a Southern-style charmer opening tonight in Williamsburg.

This is a quintessential neighborhood Brooklyn bar before anything else. But the vibes here are subtly Southern: the iron chandeliers, random fountain, old-school jukebox, neon “Let’s do some livin’” sign tucked in back. Come with a group, post up at that communal table and order something like the Devil’s Music (mezcal, tequila, kale) or the Piggly Wiggly (pork-washed bourbon, malted barley syrup, BBQ shrub). Consider what else could benefit from being pork-washed.

As for the food, any hunger here will be assuaged by the chef from Seamstress, who’ll be serving up jalapeño hush puppies, ham-wrapped fried oysters and chicken-fried-skate-wing-filled biscuits. If you prefer fried-duck-filled biscuits, those can happen, too. In conclusion, biscuits.

And soon, you’ll be able to head out to the backyard garden to sip mint juleps.

For now, let us enjoy the many splendors of this slideshow.

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