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Making Coffee with Your Own Two Hands

The Manual Japanese Coffee Roaster You’ve Been Waiting For. Possibly.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Plenty of coffee gadgets let you program them so a fresh pot is waiting for you in the morning.

This isn’t one of those gadgets.

This doesn’t even have buttons.

Meet Zenroast, an admirably simple and very traditional Japanese coffee roaster for prepping beans without machines or even electricity, available online now.

So it works great in a blackout, should you find yourself in the dark. But maybe you just want to embrace the hands-on coffee ritual and exact precise influence over the beans that you’ll soon be drinking. In either case, this handmade ceramic vessel with its leather-wrapped handle will do the trick.

To use it, just add coffee beans and an open flame. Your stove works, or an actual fire, if you’ve got one of those handy. Keep things moving to distribute heat evenly so the beans don’t burn. Once they’re roasted to your preferred level of roastiness (it takes about five to 10 minutes), you just slide the beans out via that opening in the handle. Let them cool, employ a grinder and brew some coffee.

Okay, that part of the day’s done. Now on to other things.

Like roasting up a nice bowl of cornflakes.

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