Lots of Wood-Fired Asian Grilling Going On in Here

Duck Breast Burnt Ends in a Bright Wynwood Loft

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It’s a Japanese word that describes the level of mastery you’ve achieved in an activity. Like, say, martial arts.

Or... could be just what you’ll say when you need some duck burnt ends in your life.

And so the magic word of the day is: Kyu. It’s Wynwood’s first Asian barbecue spot, it’s from two Zuma alums, and it’s open right now.

Before we get into it, take a look around. This slideshow might help.

Yep, it’s definitely nailed that whole wood-fired-Asian-grill-meets-Wynwood vibe. Raw concrete, local art, wood and metal accents. Pretty much the ideal third-date scenario here. Mostly because your dinner date enjoys such things as duck breast burnt ends. And dinner.

You’ll want to aim for a table near the open exhibition kitchen, where you can watch all the smoking and charring happening to your Korean fried chicken with butter-braised chicory or Wagyu beef brisket in black shichimi pepper. But they’ve also got sashimi and snapper tartare if you’re looking to counter all of that.

Or, hell, throw a little caution to the wind and go for the Chef Experience instead. That’s six courses and a dessert left entirely to the chef’s whims.

When chefs want to whim, you let them whim.

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