Things to do for February 17, 2016

The Weekender

Midnight Ramen, Sodikoff’s Greatest Hits and a Morning Dance Party

It’s no use crying over spilled weekend.

Brendan Sodikoff’s Greatest Hits, Vol 1

Brendan Sodikoff’s Greatest Hits, Vol 1

Just think of Brendan Sodikoff’s new luncheonette, 3 Greens Market, as a compendium of his greatest hits. You’ve got Small Cheval burgers. Pulled pork from Green Street Smoked Meats. Dillman’s pastrami sandwiches. Hell, there’s even a tiny putting green. Which is noteworthy despite killing our greatest hits analogy.

The Suits. They’re Coming Right for You.

The Suits. They’re Coming Right for You.

We’re not saying you need a new suit. We’re just saying that Knot Standard is opening their first Chicago showroom tomorrow. Which means you’ll have 3D modeling technology to ensure the perfect fit and nice fabrics from England and Italy at your disposal. You’re right in thinking this was a trap.

This Dance Party’s Earlier Than Most

This Dance Party’s Earlier Than Most

Here’s how we see your Thursday going...

6-6:30am: Rise. Look out the window. Yawn. Scratch something.
6:30-8:30am: Go to a morning dance party at Studio Paris with gratis coffee, juice and breakfast pastries. And dancing.
9am-5pm: Let’s not talk about it.

They Call It “Midnight Ramen.” Here’s Why.

They Call It “Midnight Ramen.” Here’s Why.

Something strange is happening on Saturdays at Trinity Bar. When the clock strikes midnight, the Irish watering hole will turn into Mike Sheerin’s ramen shop, and the first 75 people to have purchased a ticket will receive a bowl. So it’s like Cinderella, but in reverse. And completely different.

Saturdays through Mar 12, midnight, $15 (at door only, tickets available starting at 10pm), Trinity Bar, 2721 N Halsted St, 773-697-3032

How Latinicity Does Brunch

How Latinicity Does Brunch

Oh no. That crazy dining hall Latinicity is launching brunch this Sunday. Which means you’ll be forced to choose between new items like waffle bacon burgers and short rib breakfast tacos at every station. Not to mention the bottomless tapas at Pata Negra. We almost sort of feel bad for you.

Sundays starting Feb 21, 11am-6pm, Latinicity at Block 37, 108 N State St, 3rd Fl, 312-795-4444

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