Meet the Gables’ New Ramen-Heavy Izakaya

It’s Got Ramen That You Dip into Other Ramen

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The Super Bowl in five words:

Broncos. Panthers. Commercials. Beyoncé. Queso.

Great. Now that that’s out of everyone’s system...

Time to focus on Ichimi, a new oasis of noodle bowls, crispy pig ears and sake in the ramen-barren wilds of Coral Gables. It’s open now, and here it is in pictures.

There’s a former Momi Ramen and Lure Fishbar chef cranking out the noodles here. He’s Italian, incidentally. Which helps explain the curious additions of risotto and a carbonara bowl on the menu.

And the lay of the land is pretty simple. A long stretch of room with a communal table in the middle. A mural-adorned wall from local artist Krave. A beer-and-sake room situated behind a glass wall that also houses a special noodle machine that cranks out 200 orders per hour...

... Which is great news for your lunch. You’ll settle into a banquette and get started with a beer and some crispy pig ears. Then, you’ll move on to one of the three kinds of ramen—traditional, cold and tsukemen. That last one comes as a hot broth served with a side of cold ramen for dipping.

Technique is everything.


2330 Salzedo St
Coral Gables, FL, 33134


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