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Meatpacking Dancing, but Not Totally Like That

Underground Dancing Near the Meatpacking Dos Caminos

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Well, we see you’re not dancing.

Just what the hell are you thinking, huh?

Fine, we’ll help.

Tonight, just show up here and tell ’em we sent you.

Last part’s optional.

“Here” would be the Lively, a late-’70s-inspired subterranean rug-cuttery and live music spot, now open in Meatpacking.

Here’s the pertinence...

It’s live music until 10.
Newer bands, not ’70s stuff. Not yet, anyway. It’s really just the spirit that’s of the soon-to-be-re-revered Vinyl decade. After 10, the DJs take over to make people start getting up and dancing at various skill levels.

Stadium seating...
... is how you take breaks between furious rounds of rhythmic motion, and the obligatory disco ball appears (check those out here). Soon, an installation from Futura 2000 (graffiti artist of many decades of renown, and his son) will dominate.

The snow cones are snow cones.
They’re of the alcoholic persuasion. And like any self-respecting ’70s-leaning establishment, there are also Grasshoppers, the world’s foremost Solbeso, crème de menthe, light cream and cocoa-sugar rim cocktail. One that, at least in your head, will up that dance skill level real quick.

Cheeseburger Hot Pockets are available.
They’re actually called Hottie Pockets here, but go up to someone who works here and form the words “I need a Hottie Pocket,” and you’ll get one.

No microwaves are involved.


The Lively
26 9th Ave
(between 13th and 14th)
New York, NY, 10014


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