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This Is How You Après-Movie

It’s a Movie Theater Restaurant, but It’s Also Not

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“This is a great movie. Thank you for taking me on this movie date. I would like some liquid-nitrogen popcorn now.”

What’s that?

You’re not equipped to fulfill that request?

Looks like we got here just in time.

The Tuck Room did, anyway. It’s a new post-movie eating and drinking establishment with fire pits, homemade guarapo cocktails and, yes, smoking plates of popcorn. It’s open right now at the iPic in North Miami Beach, and here’s what it looks like.

As far as moods go, this place sets a pretty nice one. They’ve got those fire pits out on the patio. A few cozy, banquette-filled nooks. Conversation-starting artwork all over the place. And it’s really dim. Dim’s good. Dim helps.

And the duo behind your food and drinks is able to throw around key words like “three-time James Beard Award–winning chef” and “one of Playboy’s top three mixologists in the country.” Let’s circle back and acknowledge that you’re still in a movie theater. Moving on...

You can get French onion soup fries here. There’s a guarapo machine cranking out fresh sugarcane juice right on the spot. You can add black truffle bitters to your Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. You can watch Kung Fu Panda 3.

That ended wrong.


The Tuck Room
3701 NE 163rd St
North Miami Beach, FL, 33160


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