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Netflix and Chili

Six Deliverable Chilies to Improve Your Winter

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Netflix and chill.

The phrase that came out of nowhere and landed solidly in the middle of the modern lexicon. These are curious times.

But still, we can’t help thinking that the act of hanging out, watching movies and engaging in extracurriculars could benefit from a substantial snack dedicated to its namesake.

And so, we bring you Netflix and Chili, a selection of the finest bowls of chili that can be shipped directly to you and your whoever, to be enjoyed before (during? no, not during) and after discussing plot themes.

We’ll go with discussing plot themes.

Traditional Texan Chili
Here’s your all-meat option: no beans, no tomatoes, no... anything else, really. So, okay, we probably could’ve stopped at your all-meat option.

Maple Sausage Chili
This one (pictured) consists of pork sausage, kidney beans and maple syrup. Because it’s from Vermont, see.

Elk Chili
On occasion, you may crave something that’s pretty much the same, but also different in the sense that it’s got elk in it. This is for those occasions.

Hawaiian Chili
So it’s a beef-based chili straight from Hawaii. There’s no pineapple involved. Feeling a slight twinge of disappointment is only natural.

National Coney Island Chili Sauce
This is that damn good chili sauce found on classic Coney Island hot dogs. But it’s also perfectly acceptable to savor with a spoon. It’s one of those do-what-feels-right chilies.

Cincinnati-Style Chili

This famous Midwestern staple is seasoned with clove, cinnamon and chocolate. It’s traditionally served over spaghetti or tiny hot dogs and topped with a mound of cheddar cheese and chopped onion.

Yeah. We enjoyed that, too.

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