The Grove’s Revival Starts Here

With Oysters and Rye from a Cypress Room Vet

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The Grove renaissance. It’s going to happen any minute now.

Any minute now...

Three... two... and here’s Ariete, a new place to eat a few grilled oysters, drink some wine and get to know the occasional special someone a little better. It’s open now in the Grove, and this is what it looks like.

It’s kind of hard to spot at first. But you’ll find it sidled up against the Taurus with a nice little courtyard out front. Inside, it looks and feels like a farmhouse kitchen, what with all that rustic wood and white tile and a soundtrack that occasionally includes hip-hop. Doesn’t matter. Just go with it.

It’ll probably make a bit more sense once you realize that the owner of Sidebar and a chef from the Cypress Room are running things.

You and your date could settle into a table near the wood-grill-equipped open kitchen. There, you’ll have grilled oysters doused in bone marrow butter, venison with potatoes and classic drinks like the Boulevardier.

Or you could opt for the patio or the private wine cellar. But be advised that you’ll have to reserve the latter for yourself and a few friends ahead of time. Also be advised that there’s wine down there.

Sorry for the spoiler.

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