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Your 2016 Jetset Blow List

There’s only one time of year when it’s appropriate to blow your holiday bonus/year’s poker winnings/life savings on an extravagant trip. That time: Arbor Day. Just kidding. Obviously the time is now, and obviously we’re guiding you to the five trips worthy of your consideration.

A Top, Top, Top–Notch Hotel

A Top, Top, Top–Notch Hotel

Where: Dubai.
What: Staying in a hotel interior-designed by Donatella Versace that houses Quincy Jones’s first-ever bar. It will have music. The music will be live.
How much: Up to $2,130 nightly.
Which equals: At least 100 Old Fashioneds, plus tip.

A Vacation That Lasts 365 Days

A Vacation That Lasts 365 Days

Where: 34 countries across five continents.
What: Starting in Bangkok and ending in Buenos Aires a year later. You’ll stay in 22 types of accommodations (beach huts, chalets, jungle lodges...) and use 28 types of transportation (auto rickshaws, camels, canoes...). Just the perfect amount.
How much: $75,000.
Which equals: 115 iPhone 6 Pluses.

The First Man-Made Ice-Cap Glacier Cave

The First Man-Made Ice-Cap Glacier Cave

Where: Iceland, in Europe’s second biggest glacier, Langjökull.
What: Spending one hour with a private guide exploring blue ice in tunnels and caverns on an eight-wheel-drive glacier truck. Keep all tongues inside the truck.
How much: About $2,000.
Which equals: 2,000 snow cones—give or take.

The One with All the Islands

The One with All the Islands

Where: 10 of the world’s most beautiful islands.
What: Snorkeling through lava tunnels, floating among thousands of sting-free jellyfish and watching people stilt-fish on islands such as Vanuatu, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Hawaii and Zanzibar.
How much: Starts at $79,950.
Which equals: A 100-acre wooded lot in Kentucky.

Your Favorite Trip: Unbeknownst to You

Your Favorite Trip: Unbeknownst to You

Where: Only the gods above know.
What: First, you’re interviewed extensively on your likes, dislikes and goals. Then, a London-based agency prepares a mystery itinerary for you. Finally, it’s revealed only when you reach the airport. Hope you packed enough underwear.
How much: $18,500.
Which equals: 37,000 postcards.

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