Masked and Anonymous

Five Masquerade Balls Worth the Trip

Halloween: it’s coming. And it’s great. And it’s... only one day. But that’s why the gods of costumed anonymity invented the masquerade ball. And true to form, we’ve scouted out your most promising masquerade ball options on every corner of the planet. Well, the opulent and palatial corners, anyway.

New Year’s Eve at OXO Tower

New Year’s Eve at OXO Tower

The What: A masquerade-themed New Year’s party with your brethren across the pond.
The Where: High up in London’s OXO Tower. You’ll have sweeping views of the Thames. And the skyline. And lots of tiny jealous people below.
The Reward: Champagne. Live music. British accents. Unless they’re masking their voices, too.

Carnevale di Venezia

Carnevale di Venezia

The What: The original masquerade party, dating back to 1162. Eighteen days of wearing unnecessarily elaborate medieval outfits and handcrafted masks. And possibly some drinking.
The Where: Venice. Yes, that place with the canals. And the pigeons.
The Reward: A moonlit gondola ride with your mysterious new friend. No, not the gondolier.

The Magic Ball

The Magic Ball

The What: A black-tie masquerade marking the high point of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
The Where: The Copacabana Palace Hotel. Marilyn Monroe stayed there. As did Brigitte Bardot. And other people who looked great in masks.
The Reward: Meeting a girl from Ipanema. Probably call her by her first name, though.

Rudolfina Redoute

Rudolfina Redoute

The What: The 115th rendition of Austria’s lone surviving masquerade. According to tradition, only the women wear masks.
The Where: Vienna’s Hofburg Palace—formerly the Holy Roman Emperor’s manse. So maybe don’t wear jorts.
The Reward: At midnight, all the women remove their masks. And we know how you’re big on transparency.

The Grand Masked Ball

The Grand Masked Ball

The What: A very extravagant, very French masquerade involving fireworks, trapeze artists and live tigers.
The Where: A little château called Versailles. You can’t miss it.
The Reward: Drinking some Louis XIII. In the home of Louis XIII. With a great-great-great-great-grandson of Louis XIII.

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